DEYA Brewery taproom

A larger scale project requiring attentiveness to the space between things and relationshiops amongst objects over a distance. The new DEYA brewery taproom was based upon 3 elements, the main service counter, the diner style booth seating, and the 17m long standing bar.

The service bar was crafted from an English oak tree, with a central elm plinth, and hemp bio-plastic in the front. Hops (Humulus) and hemp (Cannabis) are cousins in the plant world, circumscribed by the family Cannabaceae of flowering plants. The use of this material is thanks to Margent Farm who are providing inspiration and impetus in developing ecologically sensitive materials for a sustainable world.

The booth seating used simple geometric forms crafted with birch ply & English Oak. Space for bags, shelves for plants and rests for feet. Rhythm repeat. Extruded hexagons for the footrests and hemi-hexagonal ends to the oak tables, enter easily and remember the bees.

The 17m long standing bar an expansive line or horizon stretching out across the taproom unifying the space. The equilateral triangle providing stability and a focal point that the legs expand out from, with saturn stools floating alongside. A place for more fluid encounters. The free standing end of the bar also hemi-hexagonal.

Overall these elements combine to help create an unobtrusive space with natural elements that remind people of an overall unity. The wood and Japanese craftsmanship employed ground the ideas at the human scale with kanna forming and finishing organic and tactile surfaces.