Fagus Sylvatica

The heavens are elliptical, the earth is organic

Two pieces that want to be together...

The same species, Fagus Sylvatica, but from different trees. A kind of magnetism that draws them closer. Timing is essential. If they aren’t in the workshop at the same time, or further afield but somewhere in the landscape contained in the artist, well, they’re gonna have to go it alone or find someone more suitable. But still, the two that are tempted, must toil with the hands of nature. Shapes need forming, refining. Parts of a piece must be beautiful in and of themselves and when together be raised into something new that benefits the two. So the joinery must be strong, there is movement in the seasons when parts will grow and shrink, and if this is not accommodated for, the piece will pull itself apart. Cracks may appear, but if made well it will still be strong, and these movements bestow a kind of humility, some humanity